Monday, August 4, 2014

We never stop fighting the war!

Dajjal - he's coming. For sure.
Allah has said that he's coming, and Allah the Almighty, tru Quran has never failed us, there's no lie in Quran, nothing that we read in Quran did not happened. All of the works are true, nothing less.

I have a feeling that the end of the world is so near. Qiamat is another promise by Allah, and it will definitely happen. I'm not a scholar, but tru my limited reading, limited attendance of majlis ilmu, limited review of knowledge, I know that the signs are getting clearer - that Qiamat is coming, soon, very soon.

It's like pregnancy. You have to deliver, either healthily at full term, or miscarriage or abortion. You have to face a day when u the living inside your womb will be out.

And death too, no choice. We have to die. We were born, aged, and die.

Qiamat is certain. And so does Dajjal.

I read that when Dajjal came, the world will be in long drought. We will be needing water like hell, and the only one who cud provide is just Dajjal. Can we resist? We might say yes now, but have we tried 5 days without water?

If we are to live in the years of Dajjal, Can we resist him? Can we stay in iman?
I am doubting myself. And I am truly scared.

But see, the people in Gaza Strip, has been without water, or with limited water, food and electricity for years under the occupation. They survived. And at least, with full confident, they're not scared to die, for Him, as if they know what awaits them afterlife.

My logic says, the people of Gaza will survive Dajjal.

Gaza surely survive this Dajjal!
(image from the Haaretz Daily)

For all we know, Allah might be training those selected to face Dajjal, to survive the end of the world. The Syrian, the Iraqis, The Afghan, Palestinian, not forgetting those Chinese Muslims in the China, the Crimean people, even the Muslims of Thailand & Philippine under oppression.

are we not scared?

We lived happily, no blockage of supplies, no bombs to be scared of, nothing. We can walk freely to the beaches, plan trips after trips overseas, we are not ready. At least most of us. Or at least me.

We are at war.
Those in Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Crimea, Thailand and a lot more, are in war that brings them closer to Him.
We're in war, of social, of attitude, of comfort that drag us away from Him, that makes us forget, makes us absentminded, run-down people.

A simple video showing the AlQassam praying while in war, as if they do not hear the bombing. Compare those to me, laying down playing games while azan, and telling myself to finish off the game first, then we'll pray.

We are at war.
We are.

Let's fight them. Let's fight hard. Let's prepare.



Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Its about time to stop producing gangsterism movies. Please production companies, producers, broaden your ideas.

Cerita gaduh amuk tak ketahuanhala ni, is too much. Semua org la ni pakat nak tunjuk hebat jadi abg long kawasan. Please, give it a rest.

Yg CDM25nya, yg hamuk hantuk kepala sendiri kat keretanya, yg curi kat hypermarket pastu marah org tangkap dia, yg gaduh tepi jalan la. All these, although might not be 100%, are influenced by movies, videos, whatever media they watched.

Okla, kalau tak pun la, kalau depa mmg lahir2 dah garang mcm tu pun, pls. I'm a mother. I want my kids to behave, patient, and having a calmdown built in kit inside them. Airing bini2ku gangster doesnt help in any sense.


Friday, July 18, 2014

A sad day it is

Speechless when I saw flooded news in the social medias last night, on MH17 Amsterdam - KL.
At the same time ground attack by Israel to Gaza.

I hope our prayers in these last quarter of Ramadhan is accepted by Allah.
Ease our sadness, and help us open our mind, open the way to face these tests.
For You know the best.

Lets pray for Palestinians, and MH17

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I feel bad about Palestin

But how can we help?

Cukup ke doa sahaja? Nanti kita ditanya tak, what have we contibute? Seram lah.

May Allah bless them, seriously, I dont know how the mainstream western news still said this was a defending attack by Israel. Thats a serious shitting statement.

I know some of our brave men went to Syria, any of them going for Ghaza?

Its a tough tough world for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, yet, we're in war too. A silent, more dangerous war. A war without blood. May He guide us, may He bless us all.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Esok sekolah!

Cuti lamanya terasa kali ni.
Kangah malas nak pi sekolah balik, buat-buat alasan beg tak jumpa. Kemon kangah, u can do better, beg is too big not to be found.

Ammar n ilhan, as always, relax je. Ilhan dan siap kemas beg 2 days before. Ammar, jap lagi kena check, he's funny. Hari isnin kadang2 silap susun buku hari rabu.

Sikecik minmin? He's been going to school everyday la. No cuti for him, so he cudnt care less.

So esok, bermula lah jalan depan rumah sesak seawal 7pagi. Oiuhh, i can imagine the queue. Tak sehebat KL, but boleh je buat aku sesi amuk pagi2. From roundabout seberang jaya, sampai Sg Dua.

And mulai esok, baju putih datang lagi.. haihhh, dah 2 minggu tak pandang baju putih. Kanak2 riang ni pun pakai baju putih dah mcm pi sawah padi, habeh hitam. Only Ilhan sekarang quite ok.

Bayangan baju putih, heretan ke bilik ayaq pagi2, suara2 jeritan suruh solat, makan etc, kehilangan socks atau singlet atau sepende, dah pukul 7 pagi baru teringat cikgu suruh bawak bawang dan kentang utk seni, oiiiy! I can imagine the chaos.

Good luck mummies ya! Haha

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Batu Berangkai u ols

Kampung mak aku, Kampung Batu Berangkai, Kampar. Lokasi, belakang masjid daerah Kampar. Kalau hangpa urban sgt, memang tak kenai tempat ni.

Naik bukit sikit, kampung tu memang dikaki bukit. Sejuk, best.

La ni jarang dah balik kampung ni, yela Langkap pun jarang, lagila sini.

Best thing here, always - sungai.

Sejuk, masa aku kecik2 dulu, fuhhhh mandi pukul 12 tghari pun sejuk sungguh.

Tu baru kat kaki bukit. Kalau tere sikit, panjat bukit, ada waterfall. Fuhhhh mmg best!

Aku tak faham jugak kenapa tak diwar-warkan keajaiban (chehhh ajaib) waterfall ni sebagai tarikan pelancong, sbb memang koolness lah.  Tapi elok jugak, tak ramai manusia. Kami2 yg biasa pi saja tau.

Kalau nak pi, mcm aku cerita tadi, head to Kampar, masing2 ada GPS kan, cari masjid daerah kampar, mesti nampak Kampung Batu Berangkai punya signboard.

Good luck, kalau jumpa, mmg magical lah!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Forgive me.

I write when I'm not in my normal happy mode.

My uncle pass away, just now. We called him Mamak Din. See, we come from a strong suku sakat Mandailing, and uncles on mothers sides are called mamak. His name was Abdullah bin Mohd Noor, but he was better known as Nordin. Hence the name, Mamak Din.

He was a good man. He is. My mom's eldest brother. A man who loved his family dearly, and a good friend of my father.

I cant sleep tonite. This again, is a reminder from Him, that death is certain, always is. Life and what we perceive as heaven on this earth, is temporary.

We human, at least most of us, need to be reminded over and over that this beautiful life we live is temporary. That we have an eternity world waiting for us, that death, means the end of this temporary life.

So we cud refrain, from hatred, anger, ungrateful and  wasting - time, food, energy, money. So we cud appreciate what has been written for us, as He knows best. And ultimately, so we understand that Allah, always knows best, always love us.

We will die. We all will, just a matter of time.

Are we ready to end this temporary life?

AlFatihah to Mamak Din, may he be bless by Allah.